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Birth year Current year
Calendar year 2022 2023
Astrological year 2022
Water - Tiger
Water - Rabbit
Life Force (srog) Wood Wood X
Danger to life and may face obstacles in their life. Remedies: receive long live puja (tsewang), save the lives of the dying animals.
Body (lus) Metal Metal X
One will prone to suffer from certain ailments. The element of health may decrease and may suffer from sorrow. Remedies: Lus bsgyur (which literally means change your body), one can change into monk/nun or just change the clothes which you normally wears. The color of clothes should be the red, dark brown, maroon, yellow, orange which monks/nuns wears.
Power (dbang thang) Water Water O
Wealth and property will increase and will enjoy happy life ahead.
Luck (klung rta) Metal Fire XX
One will face bad mouth and offenses from outside, hardly fulfill their desire according to their wishes. And problem related with job may occur. Remedies: Put or hoist prayer flag and making offering ceremony to the enemy deity (dgra lha).
Life soul (la) Water Water O

O = Good OO = Better OOO = Best
OX = Neutral relation
X = Bad XX= Worse XXX = Worst