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Results shown are for Tibet Lhasa date and time
Birth year Current year
Calendar year 2023 2024
Astrological year 2023
Water - Rabbit
Wood - Dragon
Life Force (srog) Wood Earth OO
One will have a safe and stable life and hardly face obstacle and harm in their life.
Body (lus) Metal Fire XX
One will prone to suffer from certain ailments. The element of health may decrease and may suffer from sorrow. Remedies: Lus bsgyur (which literally means change your body), one can change into monk/nun or just change the clothes which you normally wears. The color of clothes should be the red, dark brown, maroon, yellow, orange which monks/nuns wears.
Power (dbang thang) Water Wood OX
One will face financial problem and often face lost of wealth. Theft may appear in their wealth. Remedies: Give alms to the poor and needy people and offer 100 butter lamps in the monastery on special days.
Luck (klung rta) Fire Wood OOO
Fortune will increase and one will easily accomplish their wishes. One may experience minor harm from their enemy and hardly face offences. You will receive often praise and respect from others.
Life soul (la) Water Fire OO

O = Good OO = Better OOO = Best
OX = Neutral relation
X = Bad XX= Worse XXX = Worst