Brief History of Tibetan Astro. science

Tibet, as well as within the Buddhist cycle. Though it shares similarities with the Indian Astrology and Chinese system of astrology, it looks more in a complete sense. Tibetan system of Astrology is the unification of all the essence lore of astrology from our neighboring countries such as Kalachakra Astrology from India and Chinese system of Elemental astrology, which makes it unique in itself. However, Tibet had a rudimentary system of astrology based primary on the Bon Tradition and ancient culture of Tibet before the advent of Buddhism. This science is classified into three categories. There are: Astronomy (sKar rtsis), Elemental Astrology ('byung rtsis) and Shiva Sarvodaya Tantra (byang 'char). Many people who are not familiar with Tibetan Astro. science believe that Astronomy (skar rtsis) was spread from India after translating Kalachakra Tantra into Tibetan and Elemental astrology from China. And others, who are not aware of the ancient Tibetan Astrological science, may believe that there was no knowledge on Tibetan astrology and astronomy in Tibet before 3rd century and earlier to the King Nyatri Tsenpo. However, this believe is not at all justifiable and distorts the real history of ancient Tibetan astrology. So I would like to clarify this wrong belief and notion about the history of Tibetan Astrological science by narrating what the history tell us about the sequence of development in Tibetan Astrology.

Astronomy earlier to the 1st King of Tibet (Nyatri Tsenpo)

Source: Tsering Dolma Drungtso